Poltergeist Girl

A Savannah Nights Story

Georgie Belmont’s perfect life is ruined at the company Christmas party when she finds the love of her life with his assistant.

Out for revenge she outbids him on a massive restoration project for the Savannah Historical Society.

The rumors are the place is cursed, but she doesn’t believe in that nonsense. One fateful night in the mansion binds her soul to a ghost as his bride.

Can they break the curse before she succumbs to the fate of his previous brides?

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Sample Chapters

  • 01 – Ringing in the New Year (Georgie)
    Chapter One January 2019 Savannah is a quaint little city near the ocean that has Southern charm, old world history, meeting new world ingenuity and I never want to leave. Sure, I can see the world, and can make millions anywhere, but Savannah has my heart. My heels click softly as I approach the pack … Read more
  • 02 – The House That Love Bought (Richard)
    I glance at my watch and mutter, “Where is she?” It’s not like Georgina Belmont to be late to anything. The top piece of my collar lightly chafes against the fresh razor burn on my neck, the tie feels too tight. I smile calmly to Mother as she watches the auctioneer setting up the block. … Read more
  • 03 – The Next Time He Cheats (Richard)
    “Sold! To Belmont Real Estate! Congratulations.” The area erupts into clapping. My eyes never leave Georgie as Mother storms off and I sink hard into the seats we never used during the auction. She has destroyed everything. As the gavel of the auctioneer echoes, my rage flares to life. “What in the fucking hell have … Read more