J.R. Froemling

I do not know Stranger Danger, and by the time you decide to stop reading this novel, I will have told you my entire tale. So strap in, my lovelies.

Here we go.

It all began in the blizzard of 1978. That’s right. I’m the product of snow. Nine months later, in the best month ever, I was born. Then, two years later, my sister came along. While I have six, seven, hell I don’t know, number of older siblings, I truly only count my brothers Harvey, and Corey, both of which passed a long time ago.

I had a wonderful childhood where I learned to believe in magic. Follow the wanderlust, and be kind. We had adventures, hardships, happiness, and everything in between. I was a good student, and wanted everyone to know I was good at something.

I wanted to be a lawyer, starting in the second grade. I wrote a whole timeline about it. Was going to graduate high school at sixteen, college three years later, law school two years after that. I was going to get married and have two kids by thirty. Divorce him by forty, and be dead by forty two. Yeah, my parents got called.

Thankfully, that timeline did not happen. I graduated like normal. Tried my hand at a history/poly sci major for a year, then bailed on college. It wouldn’t be until 2012 that I went back, for an Associates degree that focused on video game programming. Followed by four years later getting a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a focus on software programming.

That’s right, my lovelies, I am an UBER nerd. Now, here’s where it gets good. In 1998 I traveled the country meeting internet friends. It was thrilling and terrifying. I was writing fan fiction with people in a Star Wars chat room. It blossomed into writing just about any genre people would have me. Mostly, it was smutty writing of a bunch of internet people. I still run two online creative writing communities, and some of those people are my closest friends.

I got married in 2000, to a lovely man. I met him in the Star Wars chat room. Garth and I were married for thirteen years. We parted ways in 2013 and are friends still.

I got myself together, and lost myself in a man that was no more made for me than fire is for water. I got two tattoos, one I love, the other I had removed. It HURTS. Think twice, my lovelies, when you are getting a tattoo. I spent nearly $2000 USD and 20 sessions of TORTURE, and I still have a very faint hint of that tattoo that only serves to remind me of the insanity during that time.

Anyway, I have squirreled, back on track! I had gone “Man Vegan” and told my aunt as much at a baby shower in 2015. Not two months later, my sister informs me she has entered me into a 10K tourney for the card game, Marvel Legendary. There I am, WINNING, and here comes Mr. Froemling. Benjamin and I played against each other, and like you, my lovelies, he had my whole life story by the time the tourney was over. Gen Con is our love story and two years later, after I had completed my first half marathon, Benjamin (a ferocious introvert) got down on one knee before the Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland, and proposed.

We got married in 2018 (and are still married).

In 2019, I resurrected the desire to write with people. That was fun and all, but that wasn’t scratching the itch. I have stories screaming to get out. So many that even my husband has to remind me to focus. I spent the next year and a half not leaving my house (which is A OK for me) and harassing my husband to tell stories with me. He did, my lovelies. He is a saint, and nearly all the male leads are a facet of his personality.

In August 2021, he finally encouraged me to share my stories with the world. He saw the potential in my writing he had already seen, and here we are. I have three fully published novels, and am actively working on two more. I love writing. The sky is the limit.

Believe and all things are possible.