Welcome, My Lovelies!

Not sure where to begin?

First, I love all my books, but the Wolfe Legacy series is my darling. I suggest any of the Wolfe Legacy books. Mistress Giselle is my all-time favorite book. Hope-Marie’s story is wild and hilarious with a side of dark and twisty.

However, if you want all the spice, start with The Naughty List! Undeniably one of the funniest books I have written to date. They’re sassy and smart, and well, they like to jingle each other’s bells.

Paranormal more your thing?

Then I highly recommend My Viking Alpha! It’s Viking werewolves, time traveling Celtic witches, and every paranormal romance trope you can imagine. I started writing this as satire, then Mr. F (my co-writer) made me put a plot into it. Because of that, one book became two!

Alternatively, if you aren’t into “romance” then check out The Night Rangers. This action-packed, military sci-fi has all the things that go bump in the night without all the sweet and sappy HEA bits!

Need something that’s friendly for the under eighteen crowd?

Fall of Avalon, my fantasy action & adventure novel where fairytale creatures battle Morgan le Fey is the first in a three-book series. It has been a labor of love writing project since the early 2000s.

Now that you’re read all this, I hope you’re ready for your next great adventure with me! Let’s get to the good stuff, and why you came here in the first place, the books!

Completed Books

These books are finished and are available via Kobo Plus, Kindle, and from me on this site!

On-Going Stories

These are the stories I am actively writing! They can be found by becoming a supporter!