A Devil’s Hope


Book Two of Hope-Marie in The Wolfe Legacy

Hope-Marie’s life is anything but normal! She has a successful career, a loving husband, and two perfect children. A girl couldn’t ask for more. But there’s trouble in paradise. Her marriage is falling apart with Mick’s trauma raging out of control. ¬†Her club struggles to get off the ground.

To make matters worse El Diablo comes strolling into her life, threatening to take everything she holds dear. Soon followed by Antonio Scapelli Sr. pushing to make his claim on her.

These men get things done at any cost.

She’s the light at the end of the district and the only hope to save Brooklyn from succumbing to their war.

Book Two for Hope-Marie in the Wolfe Legacy series.  Picks up two years after Mistress Giselle ends.

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