My Celtic Luna


This item will be released July 1, 2024.

Book Two in the Immortal Love Saga

Rolf and Lily saved the day, only to be separated. Rolf pines for his mate and never gives up the hunt to find her. When his father suffers a terrible fate, Rolf is sent on a journey to the Old World to gain him access to Valhalla. In the land of his forefathers, Rolf is gifted a second chance to find happiness when a fiery Celtic witch with a strange birthmark is thrust in his path. Only the Trickster God, Loki, has other plans for Rolf’s Luna. Thrust through time again, they must learn to trust, love, and fight for all they hold dear.

Spoiler Warning: Reading the sample chapters of this will spoil the end of My Viking Alpha (Book One)

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