A Little Info About Kindle Vella

This is long, my lovelies! But stick with me, at the end I can explain how you can help me and you maybe get cool stuff.

I went back and forth on talking “shop talk” here. But I think it might help people understand Vella a little better. The image in this post is a screenshot of my “lifetime” at Kindle Vella.

When you read a story on Vella, they decide how to pay us based upon ALL of these factors, which is why we beg you to click LIKE (thumbs up) and give us your faves (Crown).

1. Number of locked episodes read (where you have to buy tokens to get to it)
2. Number of thumbs up (likes) on each episode.
3. Number of total reads (free and locked episodes)
4. Number of faves you get. They do not show this data to us
5. The reviews you give us.
6. Royalties on each episode read.

My goals for April are pretty lofty. But you, my lovelies, are critical to making that happen.

1. Facebook page likes/follows to 500.
2. Newsletter subscribers to 500.
3. My Viking Alpha, The Triple Six, Fall of Avalon, Mistress Giselle, and The Naughty List to 500 Episodes Thumbs Up
4. A Devil’s Hope to 300 Episodes Thumbs Up
5. Get five new patrons or Laterpress Subscriptions!

So, how do you help?

1. If you are reading any of my stories in Kindle Vella, please make sure you have clicked the Thumbs Up icon at the end of each episode. If you have not, you can go back and do so. It doesn’t take you to Facebook, or post anything. it creates a tick in Amazon’s gradebook for my story. It is similar to liking a post on social media.

2. Not on Vella and are in the US? Sign up for an account. You get 200-500 free tokens. With 500 free tokens you can read almost all of The Naughty List for free!

3. Click the Thumbs up! On every episode you like ( and you like all of them right  )

4. Not in the US? Check out my Patreon! You get goodies mailed to you plus a copy of each book that comes out. If you choose a print option, those copies are autographed!

5. Just want to subscribe to my work without all the fluffy extras? Laterpress is a brand new site that allows subscriptions. You subscribe to any one of the stories and you will get access to all of them.

How do I find all these places? Right here on my website. See that cool menu to the left? Click it.

And finally! Keep track of what you do to read my stuff! If I make the goals then I will do something special for you at the end of the month!