The Best of the Best!

I get asked by people, “What is the best way to support you?”

Honestly, there are a zillion ways. I feel kind of odd trying to pitch a romance novel to my mother, but hey, I tell her everything else. So, why not that? I also get that a traditionally published author doesn’t necessarily get asked this question. They have whole teams out there doing all the sales-people things for the author. Not to discount a traditionally published author. Just saying, there is a reason they pay an agent and publishing house to do the work for them.

But, as an indie author, I am the author, the cover designer, sometimes the editor, and the publicist. Also, let’s not forget the marketer, and social media guru. There are a lot of hats when you want all the control and none of the fees associated with getting a book to readers.

So, how does a reader truly help someone like me? Strap in, my lovelies, let’s see if we can keep this under 5K in words!

Buy the Books!

Most authors have websites, with buttons, and/or social media pages to direct you to where you can purchase the books they sell. Any of those formats brings them money. For me, either subscribing to my eBook Directly via my website (buttons that say eBook Via Web), or via Kindle Vella.

Join Social Media & Be Social!

Just by clicking the share and like buttons on their page posts, you increase their visibility in the great wide Metaverse, Tiktok, or Instagrams! Comment on their posts, and engage. The more engagement a post sees the more people who see it. It also helps the author feel good that they aren’t screaming into the void.

Leave Reviews!

Go onto Goodreads, Amazon, or wherever you can buy the book from and leave a review. Reviews tell the stores people are interested in the book, and will promote it more. These reviews are so important, that you have no idea the lengths some people go to get them. There is an entire market of paid reviewers out there. I was flabbergasted when I found this out.

Join the Newsletters AND READ THEM!

Yeah, I know. It’s spam. All of it. But really, an author’s newsletter should be telling you about the things you want to hear about from the author. They are highly cultivated emails designed with getting you engaged. So, please, open them and click the links! For the love of…well I don’t know who, do not let your author friends die in no-man’s-land of unread emails.

This all great, but how do you help me specifically?

Kindle Vella – This is Amazon’s dalliance into serial fiction. Serial fiction sounds ominous to me. If you’re into anime/manga at all, you get it. Serial fiction are small, quickly read chapters, of a story. On average you can read a single episode in about ten minutes. I write a full novel this way, and follow it with publishing to eBook and print. Readers who follow along with Kindle Vella versions of the book are often treated to insights and other goodies about the story that book readers often don’t get. PLEASE CLICK THE THUMBS UP! Then once a week, give my story your “fave”.

Patreon – This is a great way to support me and get goodies such as stickers, bookmarks, and signed copies of my work. I also send out personal messages to all my followers every month. Coming soon I will have an audio book tier as well. This allows users a more personal interaction and allows me to engage with you!

eBook Direct powered by Laterpress – is a brand spanking new forum that allows me to publish my books into a web-based reader and allows users to subscribe to me without a middle man. This is great if you just want to read the stories and don’t want all the fluff. You can read a few chapters for free of each book, and then buy the chapters in bundles, or subscribe to my entire library.

Print books are via Amazon.

I also offer eBooks via Kindle, Google, Apple, Nook, Kobo, and a few others.

So, there you have it. Ways to help authors out, and a bunch of links to buy my stuff.