It’s a Ritual and My Husband Hijacked It

I have a very set schedule for my ambitious goals of 2022 and my husband mucked it all up today. Well, not really, my day job mucked it up. But my husband piled onto it.

You see, we have a challenge. Whichever one of us walks the most on our elliptical gets to pick a victory movie. This most insidious, ingenious plan of his has tricked me into using the elliptical I bought more than two years ago and barely use. He made it a contest and if he wins I have to watch horror movies (because that’s the only way he can get me to watch them). I lost in November by two miles and suffered through Resident Evil (the reboot that’s in theaters).

Today though! My entire plan has been derailed!

First, work dumped what was supposed to be a quick and easy design into my lap because they wanted it by tomorrow. Yeah, turns out it’s an entire workflow that took me twelve hours to design. So, four hours of my writing time are just… GONE! On the bright side, I designed an entire workflow in twelve hours. It’s so pretty and clean. I love it.

Then, I thought I was being slick with my time by walking at lunch, and clocked .74 miles in about twelve minutes. I know it’s slow, but I was being lazy. I usually average about 5mph on the elliptical. So what does this have to do with my ritual being hijacked? Well, this is where I tell you my husband is an evil genius.

He walked 2.512 miles AFTER my half-hearted posting. Well, this can’t stand. He cannot be ahead. Nope, nuh-uh, not happening. Why? Because I took pity on him hurting his shoulder last month when I had three days left and could have blown him out of the water! But he couldn’t use the elliptical and I didn’t think it fair. Because I was behind when we stopped, I had to watch a TERRIBLE movie. I’m pretty sure that movie sucked part of my soul out.

What in the heck does this have to do with writing? I’m getting to that. You just hold your horses!

I then go and get back on the elliptical for another twenty minutes and 1.709 miles logged! I’m ahead, just barely. But this eats into my writing time. Since I decided to blog as well, I’m completely behind! Couple that with the new handy dandy written journal for our food that makes me MATH. I’m never getting anything done again. This post is going in at 11 PM and I still need to write at least one chapter for each of my current stories.

He’s ruining my plans with exercise!

Not really. Tomorrow, I will just have to burn half my lunch clocking those extra miles. Not to mention, day’s not over until I go to bed. I got this!