03 – A Noddian Scorned

The rain falls on a slant as the old man looks toward the tower. His skin crawls with the prickly sensation of danger. He told Merlin this would happen. That

01 – The Beginning of the End

The distant rumble of thunder, like the beating drums of a far-off army, rolls over the shimmering city. His gaze turns upward with a censoring look. “Hmph,” he snorts forcefully through

02 – The Sisters Three

The four young men look at each other and then back to the guards. William was reaching for his pocket-watch when Jakob shakes his head no. “You heard, father. No

Fall of Avalon

I wish… Two words with more power than the magic of true love’s kiss. Everything you think you know about the stories is wrong. The kingdom of Nodd has existed since the beginning of time. The stories we weave makes the world they live…