03 – Ghost of Christmas Past

I bite my lip to keep from making a sound. He releases my nipple chain and his hands rove back down until he cups my ass again, forcing my legs

02 – The Lion & The Gazelle

With all the business in order, I gather up my kids, and we make the trek home. I dread the conversation with Magellan. When we enter the building I let

01 – Playing Hard To Get

December 2, 1985 Castian bounces on my knee making gurgling noises and sucks his fist like it’s the best tasting thing in the universe. He loves the train. Helena sleeps

03 – Stay With Me

“Medic!” Jack shouts as the team rushes into the building. “We need a medic!” Cardinal Renford descends the steps. His eyes narrow in disapproval at the four-man team causing a

02 – Plans Are For Suckers

Three days is an eternity when you are waiting. This Rowena woman terrifies me. The first night we spent together, I cracked a joke about runes and tattoos, causing her

01 – Not A Democracy

“No. You’re crazier than Trevor thought if you think I’m going to let you do this.” Jack’s Southern drawl grumbles at me from across the war table. “There has to