03 – Mothers & Daughters

I stare at the well-placed pyre. My father has been cleaned up and his body lies atop the massive pile of wood, enshrouded in his finest attire. His hands rest

02 – Fathers & Sons

The sun lazily rolls over the sky until the oranges of dusk wash over me. I have not moved from the spot where I collapsed after my vision. I don’t

01 – Echoes of the Future

March 1288 The Gods saw it fit to give us the harshest winter we have ever seen, which effectively ruined my father’s plans to send me to the land of

My Celtic Luna

Rolf and Lily saved the day, only to be separated. Rolf pines for his mate and never gives up the hunt to find her. When his father suffers a terrible

It’s a Party! My First Book Release Party!

Hello, my lovelies! We’re throwing a party for Lily and Rolf making it to eBook and print! Click the link to join the event. My Viking Alpha Release Party on