01 – Beaches & Bonfires

“C’mon, Angel, It’ll be fun. Yer daddy ain’t gonna say shit about it,” Jackson winks at Shelley with a devilish grin.

Shelley has belonged to Jackson for as long as she can remember. Her dad doesn’t like the boy, but Silus had to admit to himself that Jackson was good at whatever he set his mind to. He protects Shelley from the rest of the gang. The crew has been rumbling about her needing a proper introduction. Jackson doesn’t disagree with Shelley’s introduction. What separates him from the rest of the pack is he is getting her to play along of her own accord. He knows he needs to woo the girl, make her feel safe, and get her to give herself to him. Jackson believes it’s a matter of time before Silus Baxter loses control of the Angels of Wrath. Then he could run this biker gang the right way. The way she fusses with the ringlet of blond hair and chews against her lower lip in worry was enough to make him have to shift himself on the bike seat as he watches her.

“I dunno, Jackson, it seems kinda far. I mean… Hilton Head is an hour away, and if I ain’t home in time to open tomorrow, Daddy’ll tan my hide,” Shelley pouts. The sight of the other girls hopping on the back of bikes, beers in hand, and their rides looking at him for the go ahead makes her step closer. Shelley is sixteen and is two years younger than her sister, Faye. She hates being the little sister tag-a-long. She worries Jackson will see her as a kid and blow her off.

“You leave yer daddy to me, Angel. Now get on the bike,” he growls at her.

He is not taking no for an answer. Jackson smirks when she is a good girl and steps up onto the back of his bike. He waits for her to settle down against him and wrap her arms around his waist. Compared to Jackson, Shelley is petite and delicate, like a white lily against a black lake of leather. Her blond ringlets whip behind her and her thighs show from the sun dress tugging and rippling in the wind as they race onto the interstate. He and the five other bikers are all pulling along a sweet little girl for a party in Hilton Head.

The sweet mix of whiskey and cigarettes fills her senses, and Shelley gives a sigh of contentment. She could get used to being Jackson’s girl, spending her days clinging to him as they ride all over. Her father will be furious. Faye will take the blame, like she always does. Ever since their mother made her take Shelley everywhere, she never let Shelley get in trouble. Lost in her thoughts, Shelley doesn’t register the hour that passed from the parking lot of The Triple Six to Hilton Head. Their bikes roll up to the pier access for the public. Shelley is sure her legs are jelly as Jackson assisted her off the bike. “Don’t have too much fun without me,” he teases.

“What? You’re not coming?” Shelley pouts at him.

“I’ll be down there soon, Angel. Got some important business first.” His irritation is clear in his voice that she is questioning him. He was pretty clear in telling her to go to the beach with the other girls.

His eyes narrow, and Shelley knows she has done something he doesn’t like. To cover her mistake, she steps forward and plants a soft kiss on his lips. Her delicate fingers a stark ivory color to his bronzed cheeks. His brows raise in surprise, but he enjoys this brash development. She tastes like watermelon, and the blush on her cheeks only adds to her beauty. Jackson looks forward and motions her off, his temper abating at her adorable attempt to pacify him.

Once she turns and follows the others, he looks at her figure disappearing down the walk. The bounce of her ponytail as she trots to catch up to the other girls reminds him of how precious she is. The way her sun dress flutters in the breeze taunts him with her sexual innocence and it makes him want to take her away from this life. He could leave the gang behind and claim her as his woman, the two of them happy, traveling the open road alone together.

The rev of the bike next to him, reminds him it was too late for that. They had a date with a rival gang tonight. He pulls his gaze from his angel to his buddies and he nods. They roar off into the city proper. Shelley glances back at the noise but is soon being tugged by Faye to forget about all the boys on bikes.

“C’mon, Bratnik. They’ll be around soon, or they won’t,” Faye shrugs. She learned a long time ago to not wait for the boy not coming to the party. “’Sides. There’s a group of pretty hot guys already down on the beach willin’ to share their fire with us.” She laughs at the eye roll Shelley gives her. Faye is the attention grabber when the group goes out. Shelley smiles at her sister and they walk arm in arm towards the roaring bonfire.

The pretty hot guys are four in total. They introduce themselves as Tommy, Jasper, Beau, and Billy. Shelley looked between them and was pretty sure someone pulled up a Chippendale calendar to create them with magic. They are scruffy, tall, and covered in ripped muscles. Sweet Southern charm oozes from their very beings. The four boys shift with excitement, watching the girls approach their fire. The anxious looks they give each other without saying a word suggests they are having a silent conversation, but the looks vanish as soon as the girls are close enough to see anything. They are replaced with bright smiles.

“I’m Faye. These are my friends,” she identifies each of them as she points, “Wanda, Taylor, Candy, Veronica, and,” she hesitates, “Shelley. Gotta watch her. She is trouble.” She flashes a wicked grin at Shelley, who rolls her eyes. Then Faye is gone from her side to sashay up to the boy who introduced himself as Jasper. Faye and Jasper are a mesh of bodies within a few moments of meeting. The shadows they give off make Shelley think they are fornicating. Each has a beer in hand, and their bodies move to the music being played by Billy on his guitar. Jasper’s dusty blond hair is all you can see of his head. Before Shelley voices any protest to Faye’s behavior, everyone is getting into the groove. Jasper had to decide if he wanted the ample bosom of Faye or the cherry Chapstick lips of Wanda. There were only four boys and six girls, putting the odds in the boys’ favor.

Shelley grabbed a bottle of beer from her sister’s stash and plopped down on a log. If Jackson caught her dancing like that with anyone other than him, he would hurt one of these sweet boys. She is smiling and enjoying Billy’s sweet singing voice. It seems Jasper and Tommy are all about the anatomy lessons they are being taught by the girls they gyrate between. Beau keeps his behavior closer to a gentleman than Jasper and Tommy, in spite of having two women to himself. His hands only roamed so far as he feels proper. There is something about these boys that makes Shelley curious about them. The way they look between each other, and back at her sister’s friends. Shelley tilts her head to the side, resting her eyes on Billy. His cheeks are blushing, from the light buzz the beer is giving him. He is trying to keep a safe distance from the claws of Candy. Shelley could swear she saw him roll his eyes at how Candy was throwing herself at him.

“C’mon, darlin’, I need to sit down.” His voice is low and rumbles like a well-tuned bike. Shelley could listen to him read the phone book. Candy is not ready to give up the merriment, and releases Billy from her clutches. This leaves Tommy, Jasper, and Beau to enjoy the five older girls. Billy sets the guitar aside and turns on the radio they brought. He sat on the beach next to Shelley on the log. She pops up like a whack-a-mole and squeaks. She giggles at her own nerves and how close Billy is to her.

“You alright, Miss Shelley?” His eyes are piercing and she can feel the flush in her cheeks.

“I… I’m a little cold,” she squeaks out. He smiles, looking her over. Her fair hair is wind-blown and loose in her ponytail, framing her heart-shaped face that held the bluest eyes he had ever seen. He allowed himself to trail his gaze down her body, then back up to her eyes and pouting little lips. He bets they taste like fruit. Her sudden movements when he sat close to her tells him there’s someone else in the picture. Billy wonders what kind of fool lets a pretty little thing like Shelley out of his sight.

Then she did something he didn’t expect. She crawls right into his lap.

He freezes, fearing his touch will be deemed inappropriate. Panic wells inside him at the idea of her possibly mounting him like the motorcycles he heard them ride in on. She must not drink much to be affected the way she is by the beer. He swallows hard and shifts his weight to keep her from feeling his excitement. His arm wraps around her in a gentle embrace. It’s a bonfire and they are enjoying the crackling fire nestled together. The boys shot any plans they had about shifting and playing in the ocean as wolves when these human girls arrived. Their scents are everywhere. Arousal is filling the air. Billy smiles as he realizes the little one and Faye are relatives based on the similarities of their scents. Her scent is driving him crazy with lust. She smells of lilies and watermelon. He closes his eyes and smiles when she giggles again, she nestles into his grasp. Who is this girl?

“Where y’all from, Mister Billy?” She teases his formality in calling her Miss Shelley. The chuckle rumbles in his chest as he shifts her on him to keep her on his thigh and away from his raging hard on while letting him relax. He looks down at Shelley and flashes a million-dollar smile.

“Savannah. Well… North of it, really,” he replies.

“Me too! Though, I’m not sure how we’re gonna get home.”

“Oh?” His brow furrows and now he’s picturing her in the back of his pickup truck, blond curls sprawled on his old blanket. She giggles again, and she is squirming. He gives a small groan and turns as red as a tomato. Billy shifts her in his lap again to avoid jabbing her in the back with his manhood.

“Yeah, it has been like two hours. I don’t think our guys are comin’ back. Important business,” she mocks Jackson’s voice while making air quotes.

“If you were my girl, there wouldn’t be any more important business than making you giggle like that.” He gives her a sappy smile. His hand is stroking her back in soothing circular motions. His attention focuses on the orgy of bodies moving along with the music on the other side of the bonfire. Tommy is missing, and he sucks in a sharp breath. “Excuse me, Miss Shelley. I gotta go knock some sense into my cousin,” he extricates himself from her, but not before taking off his flannel shirt and dropping it around her shoulders.

Shelley pouts at the sudden loss of body heat from Billy departing. She couldn’t explain it, but she didn’t want him to stop touching her. Guilt fills her that she would even look at anyone other than Jackson, yet he abandoned her. He deserves to feel a little jealous, if he ever finds out. The minutes ticked by and slowly the dancing orgy dies down leaving just Shelley at the bonfire. She curls up in his shirt and watches the dying fire. The longer Billy is gone the more she is convinced he found himself one of the other girls. She struggles to fight off the sleepy pull the beer gave her. Couple that with the crackling fire and Shelley loses the battle, closing her eyes to fall asleep.

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