The Checklist of Dooooooooom!

Okay, so it’s not of DOOOOOOOOOM! It’s my show/con checklist. I have photos and everything! We’ve done three or four shows and I want to preface this with we’re still

What’s the Big Deal About Links?

Everyone knows Amazon provides multiple ways of getting to the same information. Some are better than others, but they have their preferred methods. We’re going to talk a little today

The Business Side of Creativity

I have a lot of guilt that I haven’t been able to create much writing this year. I spent most of January editing A Devil’s Hope and February has been

So You Want To Be a Vellan?

I’m excited to have found Kindle Vella a little over a year ago. I had been writing on AnyStories (now called NovelSnack) and was disheartened at the lack of dependability

Subscription Service Shenanigans

I have had a Patreon account for almost a year now. It has been great. I have ten patrons who have been with me from the start! Patreon is expensive.

Fanboy Expo Rocked My Socks!

I had been super nervous about going to Fanboy Expo! My books are mostly romance, with some fantasy, action & adventure, and other genres sprinkled in. I was also worried